Easy Integration

No More Short Link Remember the days when we ask our students to do a survey or go to a webpage? We first have to create a short link for the actual link, so our students can type type the short link instead of the original link. Then, a few students complain that they get an error page because they missed a letter or one of letter is not capitalized. In the meantime, valuable instructional time is lost, and students are frustrated before the doing the actual activity. With StreamlineED, you would never have to experience that by it allow us teacher to link it directly to any third party sites. All the students have to do is clicking on the link we provided to type. This is known a hyperlinking.  Try it Now and Click on the Links to some the awesome third party sites that we can easy integrate with StreamlineED: Edpuzzle Class Dojo Quizlet Kahoot Socrative Try StreamlineED for FREE .
Last modified: Sunday, 23 July 2017, 7:44 PM