Support Professional Learning Community

When Professional Learning Community (PLC) first emerged among researchers as a solution to solving the problems of isolation in the teaching profession.  Susan Rosenholtz’s study of  schools found “learning-enriched schools” were characterized by “collective commitments to student learning in collaborative settings,” . . . lead to increase in students' achievement. Effective learning community is characterized by:
  • Collaborative cultures
  • Shared norms and values
  • Shared effective practice
  • Reflective dialogue
  • Mutual support and mutual obligation
  • Professional growth
  • Collective focus on student learning
Despite the consistent findings of the researchers regarding benefits of the professional learning community on schools, teachers, and students, many teachers are having a difficult times of accepting of professional learning community in their schools. For some schools, professional learning communities become an excuse for administrators to micromanage teachers with excessive paperwork and time-consuming tasks rather than giving teachers time to collaborate and share best practices. Teachers are forced to waste time making common assessments that are supposed to benefits teachers and students. However, such task only lead to dictatorship in department, leading by teachers with higher position or with louder voice. More importantly, disagreement between teachers lead to inner conflict within a department, and some teachers snitched on their own colleagues to gain favor of their administrators. Ironically, the application of Professional Learning Communities  create the opposite of its intended effects. It is because of the lack technological support and little flexibility for teachers. With the online Learning Management System hosted on ,  teachers have real-time data and numerous ways to create and share their works. Teaching is not a systematic process, but it is both art and science that require hourly or daily adaption. Within a single period, we could make many changes to best support our students. Perhaps, the current dynamic structure of our classes today make it difficult to plan an entire week of lessons, and it teachers are realizing that irony of the process. However, the Online Learning Management System hosted on can remove the barriers between teachers and allow real-time collaboration with reward system for teachers. With StreamlineED, we teachers can:
  • Create and share questions/assessment with just a few clicks.
  • Share resources in one organized place for all teachers to access
  • 24/7 Access on any device
  • Teachers can set up shops to sell their works.
As current teachers, we value the importance of an effective PLC in our department, so we let teachers to create  PLC Course for FREE.
Last modified: Wednesday, 16 August 2017, 11:56 PM