Reduce Suspension

An important aspect of any effective classroom management is having clear class expectations and enforce them consistently. However, a more important aspect is being transparent. The lack of transparency is the limitation of the current Positive Behavioral Intervention System (PBIS). By implementing best teaching practices that integrate technology and, a teacher can create transparency in their classes--both instructions and students' learning process.  As described in Innovate Equity through Transparency & Technology, "transparency is the new accountability" for both students and teachers.  With transparency, the current PBIS transformed into Evidence-Based Behavioral Intervention.  This new system of behavioral intervention will foster a positive relationship between teachers and students, which ultimately eliminate the possibility of future inappropriate behaviors that would lead to class suspension. 

Answer the questions below to provide evidence-based  behavioral interventions:

Students without 504 or EIP

1) Did the student complete the task on time when they are given the time to complete it during class?

2) If the student struggled with the content during class, did he or she ask for help during class?

3) Did the student complete the homework on time when a reasonable amount of time was given?

4) If the student struggled, did the student ask for help or write down the questions to ask for help? Remember, shy students can just post their questions online instead of asking during class.

Additional Questions for Students without 504 or EIP

5) Did the students ask for accommodation when needed?

6) Did the teacher provide the appropriate accommodation?

7) Did the teacher offer different ways for the student ask for the accommodation?

 Our students are entering a competitive and globalized world. We need to teach our students the value of responsibility by supporting teachers to implement an intervention system that is fair and transparent to students.  Give a try  with our FREE online training, trial, and support. You or school does not have to pay until you have learned how to, implemented it, and empowered your instruction. Access our FREE online training course with  

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