Reduce Tardiness

Tardy is a widespread problem in many schools, and it gets worse if we continue to let it be. However, it can be fixed with  class’ routines and accountability: First 5-minutes Bellwork. We are not talking a paper-and-pencil bellwork, where most teachers would not have the time to grade it. This Bellwork must have the following requirement:

1) Timed—The bellwork is automatically open at the beginning of class and close at a specific time, so students know that it is a timed routines.

2) Auto-graded—Teachers will not going to grade 800 bellwork weekly (160 students time 5 days)

3) Grades for all the bellwork are recorded and grouped, so a teacher only need to input one number and update it throughout a quarter. It is not logically for a teacher to input 800 bell works weekly.

4)Excused Tardy/Absent students are given the opportunity to make up the Bellwork outside of class. This discourages students from  randomly being tardy or absent.  To enforce this , a teacher would need the support of their administrators, or the teacher may get blamed for being too “means” or “unfair.” Especially for students who play sports or do other activities after school, they would make excuses.

tardy problem

Solve Tardy Problems

Our students are entering a competitive and globalized world. If we continue to allow our students to late to classes, we are encourages our students to build this negative habit.  Give a try with our FREE online training, trial, and support. You or school does not have to pay until you have learned how to, implemented it, and empowered your instruction. Access our FREE online training course with  Course ID:  stream         and Password: empowerteachers

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