Close Achievement Gaps with Real-time Interventions.

Monitor Real-Time Data to Identify and Support at-risk students.  Too often, we find ourselves unable to accommodate all the students in our classes. At the middle school and high school levels, we teachers have to work with almost 165 students on a daily basis. Within an hour, we have to work with almost 36 students at a time. With real-time data from, teachers can identify and support at-risk students. Most importantly, the immediate feedbacks allow students self-assess and self-identify their own learning gaps through their entire learning process. Without, students would have to wait for their teachers to grade the work to provide an immediate feedback. By then, it would be too late because the students are no longer interest in the learning topics.  Immediate and customized feedback is the key feature of a redefined and authentic formative assessments. 

Our students are entering a competitive and globalized world. If we continue to allow our teachers to limit their instruction to textbooks, paper, and pencils, we are limiting our students' potential.  Give a try with our FREE online training, trial, and support. You or school does not have to pay until you have learned how to, implemented it, and empowered your instruction. Access our FREE online training course with  Course ID:  stream         and Password: empowerteachers

Last modified: Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 10:51 PM