As a current high school public science teacher, I found StreamlineED.com to empower teachers. Most technologies and resources that we teachers have access to are limited within our district. The lessons and assessments that we created are stored in our district's server. Some of this service including Google Drive and Google Files. When our districts decide to end such services, everything we've created will be gone. With the Online Learming Management System hosted on StreamlineED.com, the service belong to our teachers as long as the company continue to exist. It does not matter if our teacher move schools or change district, our teachers will always have access to StreamlineED.com. Even when our teacher decides to cancel the service, we will provide our teacher alternative to own their work. The decision to try the service for FREE and subscribe for future usage is all tested and decided by the teachers. As a teacher, a user, and founder of StreamlineED, I operate StreamlineED to make a difference in teachers' instruction and our students' futures. It is not about making a profit; rather, it is to operate a self-sustainable solution for we teachers. To encourage innovation and creativity among our teachers, we let our teachers to set up shops to sell their lesson and work to other teachers. We believe that our teachers should be rewarded for their effort and creativity. Together, we can a difference.
Last modified: Wednesday, 16 August 2017, 11:45 PM