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by John Nguyen - Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 5:03 PM
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Why do you charge teachers for attending the training session when your mission is to empower as many teachers as possible?

Most of the money will be used to cover expensive server costs and business expenses. All prices are negotiable to best fit each school's budget.

What if a teacher cannot attend a scheduled on-site training session?

All subscribed teachers will have 24/7 access to step-by-step How-to videos and pdf guides. Hard copies of pdf guides will also be provided for students to follow along and take notes while watching the tutorial videos. In addition, teachers can join our weekly Video Conference support as well as online community support. Remember our PD model is: "Train First; Pay Later".

What is the best solution for teachers and administrators from schools that are too far to arrange on-site PD Training.?

To streamline the transition, we have step-by-step videos and PDF guides that school administrators and leadership teachers can learn at their own pace. In addition, we will provide schedule live Video-Support until your team is comfortable and ready to implement.  This will save your school money and reduce unnecessary costs. Remember our PD model is: "Train First; Pay Later".

How do I pay with a school Purchase Order?

If you would like to pay using a school purchase order,  then please fill out this form.

After you have completed the form, 

(1) we will use the information to generate an invoice and email it to you. This invoice will allow the person who handles purchasing at your school to create a Purchase Order.

(2) Once we have received the PO, we will schedule the best time for the training session and create all the courses on for all participating teachers.

If have any questions, please contact us at to speak to one of us.

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