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StreamlineED Professional Development is an all-in-one PD solution, and our mission is to empower teachers to empower students to be independent learners. Amy, Arthur, and I are science teachers at low-income schools. Three of us came to the US did not know any English. Amy was the eldest in her family of five siblings, so she had to take on the role of parents while attending schools.  Arthur and I were raised by a single mom in a family of five. To catch up with other students, we spent countless hours after school and public libraries. None of our parents knew any English or complete elementary. We had to find additional teachers from the many books at the library. Three of us graduated from the University of California of Riverside with degrees in Bachelor of Science in Biology, Teaching Credentials, and Master of education.  Through more than a decade of our combined teaching experiences at low-income schools, we continued to witness at-risk students being left behind even when we teachers are doing our best. 

Through many years of trials and errors, we tried to develop new teaching strategies that incorporate research and technology to provide learning equity for all students.  Our teaching strategies and tools redefine the roles of teachers and the learning tasks to empower students and provide learning equity. Even though are strategies and tools provide learning equity, but they are also unconventional and different from traditional classes.  At the end of each semester or a school year, we evaluate our students and look at their work to self-reflect on our teaching practices, and we found that over 92% of participated students are describing how the learning equity in our classes enhance their learning and increase their success. Also, some of the teachers in our department have witnessed the benefits of our strategies and tools asked us to train them on how to implement the strategies and tools in their own classes.  However, a crucial requirement to implement our teaching strategies is hosting a Learning Management Website. Since we co-founded the company in 2018, we have spent $10,000 on business expenses and server costs to support seven teachers currently.  We train those teachers online through step-by-step videos or after school during our free time. As current teachers, we understand, and we will not promote our business at our districts in any way because it would be a conflict of interest. However, the teachers who implemented the strategies and tools are inspired to share with other teachers. More and more teachers have asked us to train them on the strategies and how to use the tools. Inspired by our students and fellow teachers, three of us co-founded Win Elements LLC to run ,, and It is the only teacher-driven, all-in-one, and online PD that include both strategies and technology to empower teachers to provide learning equity for all students, especially for at-risk students.  

For only $200 per teacher per year, where most of the money will be used to pay for server costs, we 100% guaranteed that your teacher s will use the strategies and tools, or you will 100% of Your Money Back. As teachers, our mission is to create a growing and self-sustainable Professional Development that will continue to empower as many teachers as possible,  so they can change their students’ lives, as our own teachers have changed our lives.   

Most importantly, if you have been positive impacts by StreamlineED Professional Development, please share your stories to inspire other teachers below. Thank you so much in support our mission to make a difference in our students.

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